Most times when I close my eyes, I dream of being in Paris.  Then I open my eyes, and here I am.  Complaining.  Just like the rest of the population nesting in Los Angeles.  I guess it’s an LA thing to be unappreciative of the truly fabulous life (and weather) we all have here.  Back to the topic of our conversation.  Paris.  The only lucid explanation for Paris would be that it is pure magic.  Everything about the city was unbelievably breathtaking.  I never really wanted to sleep, I constantly wanted to be out and about exploring the streets.  My heart wouldn’t stop racing, I felt as if I was in a different world the entire time.  You can’t ever be roaming the city in a mediocre outfit.  Which brings us to my fit of choice one very twinkly Parisian summer night!  What better city than Paris to throw on some Balmain and have a mini photo shoot?  Of course.  Who looks better?  Me or the tower?  (LOL)

See some of my favorite picks below for a recreation of my look.  The risqué jumpsuit I wore was from Nasty Gal, which they no longer carry!  *sigh* But I have put together an alternate option for you all.  Let me know what you think!

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An investment piece your wardrobe will forever thank you for.

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Obsessed with this Self-Portrait piece!  I actually want one for myself.  I love jumpsuits!

Buy it HERE!


I’ll be honest about these shoes, although they are GORGEOUS.  I can’t wear them longer than 30-35 minutes.  Sucks so bad!  But hey… beauty is pain.

Buy it HERE!


My all time favorite.  The CHANEL WOC.  (wallet on chain)  


Photo by Melody Melikian.


Happy Friday the 13th!



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pegah bee
May 13, 2016
So chic !