May 21, 2016


Your wedding day bouquet importance is at the same level of significance as your shoes or jewelry.  It’s that serious.  It’s kind of like choosing the correct accessories to pair with THE dress.  Think of your bouquet as an accessory that completes your look.  Diamonds or pearls?  Maybe even emeralds.  Same goes for the fleurs, roses or peonies?  Maybe even orchids.  Whatever it may be.  It should speak for YOU, the bride!  My theory on figuring out what would look best with your look is simple.  The one important question your florist will ask you, which you need to be prepared for- cascading or round?  To be completely honest with you, I personally don’t like cascading bouquets.  But then again this is about you and not me.  🙂   Make sure to never decide on something that overpowers your dress.  I would steer clear from going crazy with the colors.  Keep your palette as muted as possible.

Here are a few of my favorite bouquets I found on the web.

Can’t ever go wrong with peonies!  Truly a weakness of mine.  Dusty miller leaves are a great way to add a touch of rustic to your bouquet.  Also a great bouquet choice for a winter wedding.  A touch of color that is not overpowering.



Love the shape of this bouquet!  Anemones are another favorite flower of mine.  So pretty!


An all white affair.  This one is a timeless classic.  All white peonies hand tied in delicate white satin.  {side note: I strongly dislike bouquet accessories, no Swarovski crystals or brooches for me!  Keep the sparkle focus on your ring finger.} 😉


The perfect bride, groom + peony bouquet!  Nothing else to it!  Just perfect.


Elegance.  Perfect harmony of an all white palette.


A lovely mixture of white roses, orchids, succulents and dusty miller leaves.  Absolutely love this bouquet!  Very rustic chic.


A clean + simple arrangement of all white orchids.  Love how pure this looks!  As you can see, it takes away nothing from the beautifully detailed Steven Khalil dress.  This is exactly what I meant earlier when I mentioned to not choose a bouquet that overpowers your look.


Here’s what a cascading bouquet would look like.  Still very beautiful!  Love this mixture of white peonies, ranunculus, blush roses and dusty eucalyptus!

bouqet 6


Hope this post was helpful to all you bride-to-be’s!

Thank you for reading. ♥



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May 22, 2016
Love your blog! You're beautiful inside and out :)